Whether you require specific photos, want ot start/extend your portfolio, or just feel like having fun by getting your photo taken, get in touch, as I am always looking for more people to work with!

/what do I ask, what do you get/

This greatly depends on the specific shoot. If I have an interest in using the photos to extend my stock library then it wont cost you more than signing a release form, allowing me to re-use the photos. This means, I will donate my time, just like you donate yours, and we both walk away with our own set of photos. Had I asked you to model for me, and you do not wish to get a set of photos in return, you will be compensated either financially, or I can do a seperate shoot for you free of charge, to which you will get the set of photos to use them as you wish. In short, I am very flexible, and sure that we will be able to arrange something that everyone is happy with.

/what do you bring along/

For stock material, as stated above, I will require a completed release form, and a picture ID. Release forms can be downloaded from this page, or you can get one from me, to complete before or after the shoot. Also, for stock photos, I need you to be wearing non branded clothing. Meaning no visible trade marks. You are free to bring someone along to the shoot!


The location will be dependant on the shoot itself, and discussed when we meet before the shoot


Model release - Models over 18
Model release - Models under 18 (To be signed by legal guardian as well)
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